Responsive design is the most recent web development technique. This is a technical procedure which enables the websites to fit and re-size as per any screen whether laptop, tablet or smart phone. As mobile device surfing is gaining popularity, adaptable websites are essential for easy navigation and user friendly access.

Here are some vital reason why it is important all websites specially eCommerce websites to convert to responsive web design:

1. Adjustable web sites: Responsive Websites adjust to any screen size. With mobile devices like tablets or smart phone, notebook computers and laptops, it is becoming necessary to have flexible website layouts and designs.

2. Easy Usability: Responsive website are easy to use and highly advanced in navigation. These websites give a professional presentation to web surfers on any device or system they use.

3. Affordable design: There is no need for multiple format of different kind of systems. With advanced technologies, a website can adjust to any system and save costing.

4. Easy Maintenance: Contents like images and text of website are presented in responsive design so that maintenance of the website is easy and smooth without hassle of controlling different designs.

5. Increase in Visitor traffic: Visitors enjoy surfing with easy navigation and fast loading pages. Content is easy to read without zooming. Complete content adjusts as per the device. Such smooth website surfing enhances visitor experience.

There are few best examples of eCommerce website samples for your considerations are as follows:

Visit Ditto ↓


Visit VSCO ↓


Visit Bang & Olufsen ↓

Responsive-website-design-inspiration-Bang & Olufsen

Visit LogoPoeple India ↓

LogoPeopleindia-Responsive Website design

Visit Golden Olive Oil ↓

Responsive-website-design-inspiration-Golden Olive Oil

Visit Dakine ↓


Visit White House | Black Market ↓

Responsive-website-design-inspiration-White House | Black Market

Visit Pink Ice ↓

Pink Ice-Inspiring-Responsive-website-design-inspiration

Visit Jopp Design ↓

Best-Responsive-website-design-inspiration-Jopp Design

Visit Techidea NZ ↓


You can be successful with online sales if you have an e-commerce site with a robust efficient shopping cart combined which can give your sales a competitive advantage. Researching for a competent e-commerce site can assist to manage your online business successfully and enhance customer experience. E-commerce web options are an excellent source for online trade for e Merchants if they are seeking to give a global platform for their business. E-commerce websites play an essential part of online businesses, where all shopping, product selection, transactions and invoicing are totally online.

Open source eCommerce applications are free. There are other eCommerce software’s which are costly as they have yearly license fees. Once important factor which makes open source eCommerce applications popular is that they require very less programming work and are easy to install. Also they can be customized. The most popular versions of the free open source e-commerce applications are Magento, osCommerce, Zen-Cart, Cube-Cart, Virtue-Mart, UberCart, PrestaShop, Spree, AgoraCart, WordPress e-Commerce and Digital Store. But some paid e-commerce platforms such X-Cart, Lite Commerce and Avactis are also popular. Having the efficient payment system is the road to a successful and revenue earning e-commerce site.

It should be attractive enough to engross them in the retail products and encourage them to buy and return again for more sales. An efficient e-commerce website design should give online customers a satisfying shopping experience with easy and quick access to products arranged in logical systematic categories and simple navigation with the most secure online payment gateway and well organized delivery and shipping.

Some creative shopping carts samples for eCommerce websites are as follows:-




















In the fast-paced cyber world today, emergence of online business can already be done with few basic steps and tweaks. However, the real competition comes in the quest for making it pleasing with the online customers.

It becomes challenging knowing that creation and management of this kind of business completely relies on the owner’s capacity to use new resources and online tactics. Online shopping popularity tops the priorities in making a website eye-catching and worthy.

Points to make practically successful eCommerce website

Here are ways how to make eCommerce website interesting for customers. Take them down and see how it would make a difference:

1. Get inspiration from Top online eCommerce websites and website builders. Programs are available and designed to make online store and its layouts that even newbies can try. Programming or web design experience is not a topmost priority in order to access these sites.


themeforest- ecommerce website design

2. After which, choose a particular program that will help you build, customize and operate an online shop. E-commerce solutions come in handy tools that could help you with hosting, design, pricing and payment options, marketing equipment and reports.

Different eCommerce website platforms are ⇓


3. Make a considerable amount on the object you are going to sell online. Online storage space, complete with inventory and bandwidth is substantial.

Various web hosting sites are ⇓

Different websites of Web hosting

4. Customize the way you want it to be. Simple and straightforward is ideal. Avoid clutter within the site and organize sections from your website. Readily available templates can be chosen online and some have hypertext markup language (HTML) for more experienced web designers.

Apple.Com ⇓ eCommerce website design

5. Payment and Security reports are a must. It would be also useful for customers who would like to have a safe online shopping experience. Place payment and shipping options for customers.

Mostly used Payment Gateways ⇓

Different Type of Payment Gateways sample

6. Loyalty programs, discounts or gift wrapping options are plus points for online sites. Changing the way how to present it will make it more eye-catching. Other changes could also be done.



7. Allow your customers various choices and to purchase at will. This would enable them to express how they would feel regarding the item that they are going to purchase.⇓

High traffic ecommerce website

8. SEO-friendly ecommerce websites attract traffic which gains more for the business.⇓

Inspiring ecommerce website design

How to make eCommerce website attractive: The creative side

Less is more. An effective and simple ecommerce website will receive more hits. Gaining huge amount of potential buyers and prospect contributors for advertising and marketing is also a great way to create interest on the site. User friendliness is the key.

Bear in mind the 3S of ecommerce and that should make up for the success of your online shop as Storage, Safety protocols and site design. Stick to all of these points can be an enlivening familiarity to online shoppers. Hope these tips on how to make ecommerce website interesting for customers would make you a better online seller

Technology has undergone more development in last 50 years then it did in last 1000 years. We are moving at such a furious pace that technology gets outdated in the blink of an eye. Websites are a common mode of business these days. Every business whether big or small has a website. But now just having a website isn’t enough. The web design and layout along with programming must be in tune with ever changing trends. Mobile devices like tablets or smart phone have taken the business world in a storm. The usage is growing by leaps and bounds.

The most recent statistics show that 90% of the people in the world use cell phones. 50% internet searches are done on mobile devices. Most of the online business websites are converting to mobile responsive websites which are easy to view and operate on all devices like smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, notebooks or desktops. A responsive web design helps to adapt to different screens by managing web content and aligning to the required format.

If your website was created even 1 year back, it is important to check if your website is responsive website.

There are numerous advantages of having a mobile responsive website :

  • Flexibility - The most important benefit of a responsive design is its adaptability to adjust to different screens. The website can be viewed easily and accessed on all kind of devices ranging from desktop to iPhone with professional neat look. The size of the screen, content, images and font are readjusted to give high quality interface for any device.
  • Easy to manage - It takes times and effort to update a website specially if it has been designed separately as even for a small change each version has to be updated. On the other hand, a responsive web design is simple to manage as it is a single platform which opens on numerous devices and all updates can be done from one source.
  • SEO friendly – Responsive web design is essential for SEO purposes also. Once again a single platform makes it easy to update and optimize for search engine usage on all devices. It also makes it easy for Google or other search engines to crawl and index the website whatever device may be used for surfing.
  • Better User experience - A customer may move on and result in a loss of sale and loss of a customer. Potential sales might be lost if customers encounter navigation issues and find it difficult to browse through the website. A responsive website can overcome these problems resulting in more sales and successful conversions.

Almost 60% business companies have converted into responsive web design as it is easy to manage and update with more quality user experiences on various devices. Conversion to responsive web design requires advanced technical coding with html5 and CSS3 programs which can provided by expert programmers at Techidea. Kindly visit our Responsive web design Auckland based website named as Techidea.

Some great examples of responsive website design for your consideration are as follows:

Beautiful Responsive website design

Creative Responsive web design sample

Great Responsive web design sample

Awesome Responsive web design sample

creative infographic for eCommerce website development

Having an online shopping store is an exhilarating experience provided done in a systematic and organized manner. A successful eCommerce website can give you a tremendous boost in your profits. There are many eCommerce websites which are reaping income running into millions of dollars as they have a world wide exposure. Techidea can make this process very easy for you. We present a step by step Info graphic about various stage of design and development of an eCommerce website.

1. Product Selection
Selecting the product you want to sell is the most important and vital step. Source the product you want to sell. It should be something which is can be managed without unnecessary hassles. The product must be easy to procure and retain.

2. Hosting and domain Registration
Secure your company brand name for your domain. Search for the best hosting packages which give you the best options to host your website. Domain name is the identity of your eCommerce website. It must reflect your brand name. Hosting plan must give you the flexibility of using a vast range of programming platforms, languages and databases. It is advisable to consult your web designer for purchasing the web hosting plan as they will update you on best hosting solutions available.

3. Best eCommerce Web Application Platform
eCommerce web applications have Major Sections – The front end and the back end. The front end is the main online shop end .This is virtual store where customers can browse, shop and buy products. Back hand is administration part when you can login to an administration dashboard and manage complete website operations including uploading products, posting discounts, stock inventory etc. There are numerous eCommerce applications like Oscommerce, Open cart, Magento, Word press. It is best to consult your web designer on the best application to use which depends on your business requirements and functionality customizations.

4. In the web designers arena
Your web designer is your best friend while developing your eCommerce website. Utilize the experience and expertise of your web developer to get the best eCommerce solutions which will result in unique and rewarding experience for your customers which will inspire them to come back again for shopping. The eCommerce web design process will be in two phases- Design and Development. Design phase is related to the front end look of your website involving home page layout, placement of vital information, product display and image presentations. Second phase is the development or programming phase where you make the website interactive with numerous functionalities like shopping cart selections, payment gateway, invoicing etc. So, customer can easily search products online. Your web designer team will work in close co-ordination with you in the following phases:

Points to Ponder for Approval of the Design and Development Phase:

  • Creative and attractive Shop Front design.
  • Professional Presentation of Product Gallery in Inspire Sales.
  • User friendly admin dash board with easy to maintain format.

Payment gateway is an online point of sale terminal which authorizes payment for all e-transaction involving process of credit cards. A customer goes through the process of payment through shopping cart merchant terminals.

  • Hosted Payment Gateway

This payment gateway option does not require a regular set up or monthly fees. But the transaction costs are higher than an inclusive fee structure. PayPal Website Payments Service is a good example for this option.

  • Self Payment Gateways

This payment gateway option allows your customers to go through whole checkout process without leaving your branded website. The whole process is extremely smooth and professional. There are charges on volume of transactions. DPS, Pay mate are some of the self payment gateways

  • Payment Security

Security Encryption is essential and legal for complete transaction protection when processing credit cards. SSL encryption is required for self payment gateway security.

6. Shipping
Shipping can be formulated on the eCommerce website depending on the products and regions involved. Shipping can be calculated using preset formula which is also editable and dynamic. Techidea can also integrate the eCommerce website with the API of the major courier companies so that the shipping rates can be calculated directly from the Courier company databases like DHL, TNT and FEDEX.

Once the complete eCommerce module has been integrated with shipping and payment gateway, we help you to populate the website with your retail products and services. Our team can help you to get started by setting up your databases. Our team of technical experts test and reviews every stage of the web development to check out each function. This process helps to weed out any errors and bugs which might interfere with smoothly functionality of the website. After the intensive testing process, we launch the beta version of the website. Post success of Beta Version or Test Mode format, we go LIVE with mobile website design that has responsive user interface.


Have you recently bought a spanking new tablet or ad to browse and surf on the net? You must be thrilled at this new phase of technology which allows you to surf wherever you are. This freedom is awesome and enable you an order a cool looking jacket while enjoying a day on the beach.

There are millions of people who are doing exactly the same and enjoying it immensely. And there numbers are increasing day by day. If you are an owner of a website and deriving business through it then it is high time you get a mobile friendly version of your existing website.

There are many advantages for getting a mobile website design. If the website is not mobile devices compatible it can be a very frustrating experience for the viewer like distorted layout, small text , difficult navigation and missing information. If this happens, there is no way a visitor is going to come back to your website.

So immediately get a mobile friendly version of your website with a responsive design. A responsive design can adjust to any screen resolution without distortion whether it is laptop, mobile phone screen, Large PC monitor or a tablet.


Some of these statistics would definitely motivate you to go for a mobile friendly website:

  • Smartphone’s sales are overtaking PC sales.
  • Mobile devices are surfing 28% of the internet.
  • 25% of search queries for all industries are coming from the internet.
  • Mother’s day sales were 50% from Mobile devices.
  • 40% of tablet and iPhone owners spend more time surfing the interest than watching TV.
  • There were a total of $400 billion mobile transactions between 2012 -2013.
  • 60% of mobile owners browse through the internet.

Apart from these interesting statistics – here are some vital advantages about a mobile friendly website:

  1. Google gives preference to websites which have a responsive design which can adapt to any screen resolution and gives ample clarity on any device. Mobile device compatibility is important for websites so that they can viewed universally without any errors.
  2. Sales are important part of the online website as they fetch lucrative revenue through online shopping cart and revenue generating website. Sales through mobile websites are growing on daily basis as more and more people are using iPads and Smart phone to browse on the net. It is very convenient and easy to shop and surf when you are on the move as it takes care of urgent buying.
  3. Most of the people who surf online are serious buyers as they are buying stuff which they really require. Many times mobile devices allow them to consult their family and friends so that they can take an informed decision about their purchase.
  4. The technology of Smart Phones and Mobile devices is advancing rapidly day by day. More and more people are being brought into the circuit of the mobile networking. The day is not far when internet sales from mobiles devices would rise exponentially. So it is wise to get your mobile friendly version for your website. QR codes help people to take advantages of discount coupons, specials in a very easy way through mobiles
  5. Finally having a mobile friendly website give you that competitive edge over the rivals who might still be sticking to old formats of unresponsive websites. So get ahead of your competition while there is still time to modify and win.

No matter where you look on the internet these days, you are bound to run into one eCommerce website or the other. Be it designer products or the local ice cream vendor, handmade jewelry or day to day grocery – it appears everything is now available on the World Wide Web. Think of anything in the world, even the remotest of things that you might consider impossible to reach is now available online thanks to some of the most amazing eCommerce websites around these days. However, designing these sites isn’t easy.

There are countless elements that you need to take into consideration. First of all, they need to be designed in such a manner that they actually appeal to their visitors. Come up with an unappealing website and watch your potential buyers run away in a jiffy! You need to ascertain that all the best products are featured in just the right manner, and all others are placed in just the right categories. This way, your website is going to have a rather clean and crisp appeal to it, thereby guaranteeing an amazing design output.

What’s additionally very important is the fact that you need to pay utmost attention to the usability and user experience that the site delivers. Make it truly eye-catching, add in all the right features and that’s the recipe to come up with an outstanding eCommerce website design in the year 2013. For finding some awesome eCommerce websites samples, look at our eCommerce websites portfolio.

If you need inspiration for designing eCommerce websites this year, make sure that you check the ones given below:


EastWorksLeather- eCommerce Website







Plum Roots


Bella Vita


Gubb & Mackie


Bang & Olufsen


Paule Ka


Tinkering Monkey



Sample of best ecommerce website

Jopp Design

Sample of best ecommerce website


Sample of best ecommerce website



Travel to Milano

innovative example of ecommerce website

Golden Olive Oil

sweet design of ecommerce website

Le Tipi

great ecommerce website design

Shop Revolution

Shopping website- ecommerce website


beautiful ecommerce website

District Clothing

beautiful ecommerce website example


wonderful ecommerce website

White House | Black Market

precious ecommerce website design

Pink Ice

nice ecommerce website sample

Under Armour Sports Clothing

Sports- ecommerce website

Everything but Water

beautiful ecommerce website example

Worldwide Online sales fetch a whopping $500 trillion. This is a huge turnover with tremendous potential. Everyone wants a slice of this cake. But its not as easy as it seems. A successful online ecommerce website needs numerous inputs like great design, quick loading website,robust web development, competitive pricing and easy secure payment options. A high level professional approach is required to achieve outstanding results
Here is a list of topmost 25 business to consumer retail sites which give maximum revenue for online sales.

1. Amazon

2. Staples

3. Dell

4. Apple

5. Office Depot

6. Walmart

7. Office Max

8. Sears Holdings

9. CDW

10. Best Buy

11.Liberty Media

12. Newegg


14. Netflix


16. JC Penney

17.HP Computers

18.Victoria’s Secret






24. Bean

25. HSN

SEO is a very vast subject which involves a whole range of activities ranging from meta tags, keywords ,link to many technical adjustments in the website in order to optimize for search engine.

GZIP Compression is  a simple method  to save bandwidth and speed up your site.Google and Yahoo use gzip compression. One can see how quick their website loads up.Moreover customers and clients tend to bounce off slow loading sites.Everyone wants instant results.

What exactly is GZIP Compression?

The diagram given below explains in a very easy way.The basic idea is to find the website files on server in much quicker way.Normally browser takes its time to locate the files and get adequate response to display the website on the internet.GZIP compression zips up the website files so that they are transferred to browser in much quicker time.This results in quick loading of website.Search engines prefer quick loading websites.

This diagram can explain it better


In order to get GZIP compression,talk to your  hosting company.Normally they can do it for you. If the hosting company does not do they will advice how it can be done.The control panel on your hosting server has option to optimise your website. A good hosting company will provide this option.But if this option is not there  then its best to change your hosting company.



In order to get GZIP compression,talk to your  hosting company.Normally they can do it for you. If the hosting company does not do
they will advice how it can be done.The control panel on your hosting server has option to optimise your website.
A good hosting company will provide this option.But if this option is not there  then its best to change your hosting company.


How to check your website compression?

Once you’ve configured your server, check to make sure you’re actually serving up compressed content.

Use the Online GZIP Test Tool  to check whether your page is compressed.

Check your website for GZIP compression

GZIP Compression is one of the speediest ways  to not just improve your website performance but also give your website  development a respectful placement in SEO


Online shopping in New Zealand is  very popular. 1.4 million Kiwis shopped online in 2010.Kiwis are shopping for wide variety of products and services. The most popular purchase are in sectors of airlines tickets, books & magazines, entertainment tickets, clothing and accessories, beauty, health, tyres , computer software and CDs/DVDs.

Before people  buy online they surf and research before deciding on the purchases. Prices are compared. Product features and product quality is compared. Preference is given to local online vendors instead of international chains.

 Most of the new retail companies want to establish ecommerce websites to launch their business. Everyone wants a share of the online market pie because it costs less, its universal and its 24/7 with widest possible reach through complete global market.

On the flip side, even consumers want to try out ecommerce websites as an shopping option because its cheaper, easier and convenient.

But there is always a dilemma with new entrants in ecommerce business how to make their ecommerce websites successful

SEO is one option but its very long drawn and uncertain

Here are three simple suggestion to enhance the business on the ecommerce website and make the sales take off

1.Trade Me Promotion-

Trade me is a very successful way to promote your ecommerce products. Place some of your products for auction with buy now same as the starting price. You can mention your website url in the product description so that people can visit the website for wider selection and range . A few such successful selections will result in increased targeted traffic to the website. Constant regular auctions in trade me can result in good marketing and advertising for the ecommerce website. 

2.Facebook and Twitter promotion

Create an attractive Face book page. Invite and search for your clients to make them fans in Face book page. Offer a reciprocal fan following to clients to increase fan base. Make company special offers like discounts, promotions or freebies to make the facebook attractive to clients and fans. Regular twitter updates about latest in company can attract followers who will help in business promotions and business advertising.All social networking sites are an important source of business networking and marketing

3.Vehicle Advertising

Finally a simple yet very effective way to market your ecommerce website to have car wraps and stickers advertising your website. In this days of traffic jams, car graffiti can be interesting source of respite and humour. Make your car advertising witty and humorous to give people a reason to smile and remember your ecommerce website with happy feel

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