• Creative web
    design ideas Think outside the box!

    At Tech Idea New Zealand, we believe in coming up with web design ideas that go way beyond the norms. From us, you will never receive a typical, conventional website design that has already been used countless times. Instead, our designers think outside the box and come up with unique and fascinating designs each time, every time!

    Creative Web Design with great ideas
  • Spruced up eCommerce
    websites a responsive interface is a necessity!

    No eCommerce website these days is going to be a success if it does not have a responsive interface. Your customers are no longer just going to use a computer to visit your website. Our team will come up with a responsive interface for your shopping cart website to make sure that it is easily viewable through all handheld devices too!

    Creative ecommerce website designed Professionally
  • Advanced web development
    with complex software applications !

    TechIdea Programming team is highly experienced and skilled in develping Affiliates websites, ecommerce websites, travel and booking websites, social media websites with complex coding in PHP and associated coding languages. Corporate business can approach TechIdea for all their professional software demands.

    Best Web Development Sample with complex software apps
  • Creativity taken to
    its peak we develop outstanding mobile games and apps!

    At Tech Idea, we are committed to delivering only the best. Our team has taken creativity to the next level, giving us the power to come up with exquisite mobile website, games and apps development that are guaranteed to be bug-free!

    Creative Mobile Apps and amazing mobile websites
  • Give yourself a much
    deserved boost through our SEO and Internet marketing services!

    Not only will we design and develop your website for you, we will market it as well! We have a team of dedicated SEO and online marketing professionals who are going to make sure that your website receives the exposure that it deserves!

    Best SEO services provider-Techidea
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Unique Ecommerce website & web development experiences

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    15+years of experience

    The years of experience that we hold in the field of designing and programming have given us the ability to learn about the latest trends and techniques to come up with websites that are truly unique.
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    Local NZ support

    Tired of having to talk to someone whose first language isn’t even English when you call up their support? Well, we’ve resolved that issue by taking on local NZ support to make sure that you never face any issues when trying to get in touch with us for your concerns!
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    State-of-the-art technology

    At Tech Idea, we believe in employing latest technology to make sure that we deliver designs that are modern, up-to-date, and don’t carry a morsel of conventional norms – we will make you stand out!

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icon Dynamic range of services that are going to make your business grow

When you take on our services, you can rest assured that we will deliver only the best designs and applications that are going to make your business grow and enhance your profits. At Tech Idea, your success is our priority!
  • NZWeb Design

    Our main focus is on coming up with hi-tech web designs that are going to lure your customers towards you. For this purpose, we have built a team of highly qualified, and experienced web designers who would go an extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied. Read more
  • AucklandWeb Development

    If you think that we are just going to design your website and leave it at that, then you sure do need to think again. Our team of dedicated web developers is also going to work hard to make sure that your site has a smooth flow to it, does not have any bugs and is basically easy to browse through. Read more
  • kiwieCommerce Website

    At Tech Idea, we are bent upon designing outstanding eCommerce websites that are definitely going to help you enhance your conversion rates. From us, you can expect nothing but the best! Read more
  • qualityContent Writing

    Worried about having to hire a completely different company for your content writing needs? Well, stop worrying as Tech Idea delivers a complete package! We have a team of excellent content writers, who are going to come up with unique and call-to-action based content for your website. Read more
  • businessSEO/Web Marketing

    Not only are we going to design and develop your website, but will also perform SEO or digital marketing for it! Our team of highly experienced SEO’s and web marketing professional is going to make sure that your website gets on top of Google and other popular search engines! Read more
  • onlineMobile App

    Tech Idea also has a team of dedicated developers who have the potential to come up with unique and outstanding mobile apps. The mobile apps that we come up with for you are guaranteed to be bug-free and totally unique! Read more
  • growMobile Website

    People these days are not just going to use their computers to check out your website. Instead, they would be doing so through their mobile devices. For this reason, we will help you come up with website designs that are responsive in nature and can easily be viewed through Iphones, Ipads or Android Phones! Read more
  • affordableWeb Hosting

    To complete the package, we also offer cost-effective and high quality web hosting services. You can now choose from a variety of hosting services and packages that we offer according to your needs. Read more

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